How to store Co2 cylinders?

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Carbon dioxide is stored in cylinders in the form of compressed liquefied gas, which can be highly flammable if it is suddenly let out and increase in temperature it can also give rise to increase in pressure. Cylinders are thus fitted with bursting discs to protect them from over pressure.

Storing of CO2 gas

CO2 cylinders should be stored really safely in a controlled temperature so that it does not cause any kind of harm. There are some steps that should be diligently followed in order to store a CO2 cylinder. This article would help you to know the same. CO2 Gas Cylinders are large, heavy and unstable due to the weight and the pressure inside them. They are stored in several ways .For sake of safety and discipline CO2 gas cylinders should always be stored in a definite assigned location, which is approved, by the registered authority and empty and filled cylinders to avoid all kind of handling issues. Though liquefied CO2 does not support combustion, it is stored under very high temperature and requires precautions

Take following precautions- do not

Following precautions need to be taken while storing CO2 cylinders. It is important to adhere to these precautions, which are necessary for your safety.

  • Never allow the temperature to exceed beyond 125 degree Fahrenheit or 52 degree centigrade because of rise in internal pressure with increasing temperature
  • Also never expose cylinders to any kind of corrosive materials like ice melting compounds
  • Never smoke in front of a CO2 cylinder or allow flammable gas storage areas when you plan to store the cylinder, as you should always expect the unexpected.
  • Never store a CO2 cylinder in sunlight or near heating radiators or any other source of heat or flame.
  • Never drop the cylinder or it may get damaged or even burst at times. The cylinders also should never be used as rollers for moving other equipments.
  • Never handle the cylinder with a lifting magnet that has electromagnet in it.

Do follow these rules

  • Always try and store CO2 cylinders in accordance with the ISO standard or the CGA Pamphlet.
  • Always ensure to store the cylinders upright with the valve outlet seals and the valve protection caps in place.
  • Whenever cylinders are not in use, secure them properly
  • You should always store cylinders in areas that have been designated for them
  • Choose a dry and well ventilated area that is well protected from combustible materials and adverse weather conditions
  • Always keep separated from combustible materials
  • Use a state of the art inventory system to prevent full containers from being stored for a long period of time
  • Access to cylinders should only be given to authorized staff
  • Inert gas cylinders such as oxygen and carbon dioxide should be stored separately and 3 meters distance from pyrophoric and flammables.

Always understand the properties of CO2

It is important that you understand the properties of CO2 before you handle the same. Know the pros, cons and effects of handling the same and ensure a safe and protected storage for safety. Verify the weight and the contents inside before storing the cylinder in a safe place.

Following the above rules would help you handle and store a CO2 cylinder properly with care.



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