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Why is a DBS check important?

 In most of the UK companies a DBS check is done before an employee is hired for job. A DBS check is mainly done for people who are appointed to work in school with young children, people who work with vulnerable groups, people who work with aged people and toddlers.

They are checked for any kind of criminal records or child molestations, child abuse and other similar crimes and accordingly barred from the job. So how can you find out if you are eligible to fund a DBS or a CRB check? Employers and organizations are usually eligible to fund the DBS check on behalf of the employee. If you have a criminal record then the kind of check done is one of the most important parts of a recruitment process. Clear Check will help you to find out your eligibility

The common roles and levels of criminal record check

 Most of the people who are checked for DBS checks are


  • All employment positions
  • Government positions
  • Airport officials
  • Hospitality industry
  • People working in schools with children
  • Old age homes
  • People working with the vulnerable group


 Who pays for the Disclosure?

Some of the occupations that require the person to be checked for DBS make sure that they are not criminals and have not been convicted for anything. This has been implemented to protected vulnerable groups, old aged people. Children, toddlers and all other related people who need to work with a lot of finance or in the legal profession. Who pays the fees associated with the application? Is it the applicant or the employer? How to find out if you are eligible to fund a DBS or CRB check?


The employer pays

 In common situations, the employer pays for the employee when a DBS check form is applied. That cost of having the DBS check done depends on the kind of certificate, which is being produced. If the DBS check were a detailed check like the enhanced disclosure check, then it would cost more than the standard check. The kind of disclosure check depends on the role. . Employers are not permitted to carry our disclosure checks on employees where the job does not require it. Depending on the kind of job, the employer would also be happy to allow employees begin working at the office while their checks are being completed and the report arrives.


The worker pays for the DBS check

It sometimes happens that the company asks the employees or contractors to have their own DBS checks done with their own money. This is considered to be legal and many of the employers find out the seriousness of the employees with this common DBS check. Employees should always be informed about the amount that he or she has to pay while the BDS check is being done. A normal DBS check costs about 80 pounds and more based on the intensity of the DBS test.



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A good haircut makes you look stylish and irresistible. Both men and women love good haircuts and finding the right hairstyle is difficult if not for a good barber. You need to have good faith and trust on your barber who would be cutting and shaping your hair. Read on.

Are there times when you have gone to a salon to have a haircut and suddenly found out that your sides are not trimmed equally, or you have been given an unequal fade? This is the time when you would get really enraged off having to wear a cap for one month to cover your damage. Thanks to the barber who has managed to damage your hair. You need to find good barbers who would can make you look good. Here are a few of them in London.

The refinery

The refinery is based in two locations located in Mayfair and Harrods. This is an exclusive grooming, house who offers some of the best hair cutting, waxing and spa treatments for men. This salon would never make you regret that you visited the same and they are also priced pretty reasonably. This is one of the best luxury destinations in London that you must visit if you are a stylish person.

The Drakes of London

 Located within the Trade Union at Thomas More Square near the historic location of Katherine’s Dock Drakes, the Drakes Of London, barbers who specialize in waxing for men, are one of the best barber shops that is based on an innovative style with an experimental concept. This is completely one of the best barber salons in London with exciting styles and cuts. Drakes of London offer you a variety of services like skin care, cuts and shaves eyebrow styling, facials. Massage and hand and foot treatments.


 Ruffians are one of the most powerful and talented team of barbers in London who create magical moments with her. They have a group of well trained and knowledgeable staff that are always ready to give you a clean expert shave or shear while you can just relax in the bright and spacious environment. The Ruffians are known to be very affordable with competitive prices and they are the best barbers you can vouch for in London. They maintain some of the best levels of style and trim.

The Nomad Barber shop

The Nomad barber web series is now a huge hit and with the interventions of Miguel Gutierrez this barber salon is one of the best in London. The salon offers some of the most competitive pricings that believe in the luxury of nature, they are one of the best salons of London and they are definitely worth the visit once in a lifetime.

Geo F Trumper

Geo F Trumper is one of the best barbers who repute in the world of grooming.The appearance of the store offers a luxurious set up with a traditional storied appearance. It offers the best experience from the beginning to the end- whether it is the hair, the beard a pedicure or a manicure or even a facial treatment.

The Drakes Of London Barbers are one of the best barbers who you can visit in London for a great haircut.


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