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Create The Right Atmosphere

A party doesn’t have to be grand to feel special, it just need planning. The first thing that you have to do is set the tone right. By using comfortable cushions, or bean bags, providing bathrobes, slippers, and some hair bands to have their hair tied up, you’ll be able to give the spa feeling without having to take the party into an actual spa place.

Make Sure You Have All The Paraphernalia Complete And Ready

You know how pamper parties work, in fact you’ve probably already had one from Glo Pamper Manchester, your daughter and her friends will be expecting to do mani and pedi sessions, putting make up to each other, or doing facial treatments. So you have to prepare the nail polish, make ups and tools for the treatments for these to be enjoyed by the girls.

Encourage Everyone To Participate

A party won’t be a party if guests will just bow out of the activities that you’ve prepared for them. Let them enjoy each other’s company by letting them try all the activities by themselves. It doesn’t matter if the foundation one girl is applying on another is totally wrong for her skin tone or they’re using too much peppermint oil for the foot spa. Let them have fun, they’re probably playing anyway.

Don’t Forget About The Menu

Even if it’s a pamper party, which is meant to be all about pampering, it would hardly be a party without food to pamper their stomach. Prepare some finger food, home baked cookies, or some pasta that they can feast on when they’re done indulging in every girls guilty pleasure—pampering.


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