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As a newly expecting parent you are probably terrified right now. There are so many things that you need to know and it isn’t exactly like we are taught lessons on how to be a parent. You are probably feeling overwhelmed with all the things you have to do so if you need some help here are a few tips to prepare for your precious new arrival.


When it comes to your new baby’s bedroom there are a few things that you probably are already aware of, like your baby definitely needs somewhere to sleep. What you might not be aware of is that within the first few months of your baby’s arrival in your home they definitely won’t be sleeping in that expensive crib you bought. You might want to invest in a moses basket so the baby can stay with you in your

Everyday Essentials

Everyone regardless of being a parent or not knows that nappies are probably one of the most important new-parent essentials. What they do not realise is the magnitude of nappies that are actually needed. You will need to perfect the exercise with buying in bulk. Especially when it is not just nappies you will need but bottles, feeding equipment and much much

Baby Proofing

As adults we forget how unsafe a home can actually be. There are sharp corners, objects that can break and of course drawers and cupboards hiding things that you definitely do not want your baby getting hold of. Baby proofing includes getting clips that prevent your child from opening any drawers or doors, guards for corners of tables and even baby gates to stop them from escaping all around your home. You can even take it one step further and replace the mirrors in your home with the use of acrylic mirror.corbis_rf_photo_of_baby_grabbing_knob


Clothes are probably something you will be completely excited about. Buying lovely outfits for you new baby and picking each piece of clothing carefully. Truthfully though the novelty of baby clothing runs out and instead you will find yourself buying multiple pairs of the same items of clothing, after all babies are messy.916x478-EverydayEmergency


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