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It really doesn’t matter if you are installing a bathroom in Essex like we are at the moment, or any other corner of the world, there are some mistakes that some people keep making when it comes to the bathroom installations. We have researched the best value for money company that provides these services and Arran Construction comes out on top. Try to recognize them, and then avoid making them, and in order to do that, we have decided to give you a list of such mistakes. So, let’s see what they are and then try not to repeat them, shall we?


Mistake 1 –No Windows

Having a dark bathroom is something no one likes, and what’s even worse, having no windows will make for a really bad air circulation. If you’re looking for great properties without these issues, contact an east london estate agent from Harlands. They’re are a great choice. Therefore, this is something that ought to be avoided at all times. So, if you are building a brand new bathroom, or if you are relocating an existing one to a different room, try to get a window in there; preferable a window on the outside wall of the house. If this is something that just cannot be done, try installing an operable skylight – it will allow the fresh air to come in, as well as the natural light.

Mistake 2 – A Clear View to the Bathroom

This basically means that the bathroom shouldn’t really be the first thing a person notices when they enter your home. Also, it should be kept away of all the rooms that people spend most of their time in, like the living room, dining room, kitchen, etc. Of course, the bathroom can be close to those rooms, but not the bathroom doors – make sure you install them on a bathroom wall that is not in clear sight.

Mistake 3 – Toilet is Visible from the Outside

The toilet is something that really shouldn’t be the first thing people see whenever they walk next to your bathroom. So, try installing it somewhere where it won’t be visible from the outside. This could be a bit tricky, but find a way to do it, and your bathroom will be much better for it.

Mistake 4 – Not Enough Room

Of course, the bathroom is a place that doesn’t really need much room, but keep in mind that, if you’re going to have a small bathroom, don’t overcram it with various installations that, quite simply can’t fit in there. So, either make a bigger bathroom, or cut back on the things you’re going to place in it.

Mistake 5 – Be prepared

Remember all the tools and parts you need for the job at hand. For example, if you are using a jackhammer you may need some hydrovane compressor parts by PMJ International in case it breaks. You will also need to remember spare tools for the smaller jobs.

Mistake 6 – Just One Toilet in the House

Yeah, a lot of homes have this problem, and especially the homes of the larger families. Make sure you have a bathroom, and at least one more room just for the toilet and a sink. That way, while one person is taking a shower, the other one can just use the toilet in the other room. This second toilet does not need to be anything fancy – as we have said, just one toilet and one sink. It doesn’t need to be big; you can even split one of the bigger rooms in two, and use the smaller section to make this happen.


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Windows are extremely important parts of our houses. They offer us a glimpse at the great outdoors, allow our homes to be shiny due to all the sunlight they let inside, and they allow our homes to look a lot better. However, in order to have all of that, you need great windows, and most people say that the sash windows are probably the best ones out there. But, how exactly to know which sash window firm is the best? There are hundreds of such firms in Essex, and any one of them could very well be the best one.

Window sasher

Well, this is nothing you should worry yourself with, because finding a great sash window firm is nothing complicated. The very second you come across a sash window firm that may look acceptable for you, just ask them a couple of questions, and based on their answers, you’ll know exactly if they’re great or not. So, what are the questions we ought to ask in order to recognize a good sash window firm? Well, here they are.

Of course, the first step is learning everything you can about the sash window firm you wish to hire. Find out how they work, find referrals, check online for reviews. Basically, do anything you can to find out if the people are satisfied with their work.

Then, when you find a firm, you need to go out to them, and ask them the questions. The first one is if they are insured and registered. Only registered firms are good, and they’ve got the registration to prove it. Also, insurance is really important, because that way you can protect yourself and make sure the job will be done.

After seeing that those companies are good and registered, you ought to ask them all you can about the way they operate, and if they offer some kind of a warranty. That way, you are certain that the sash window firm would do everything it said it would. Also, they ought to give you their price in writing, so you wouldn’t get scammed.

Ask them when you are due to pay them for their windows and their work (if you want them to install the windows as well). Some of them require money to be paid before the job, some after it, and some even offer payments in installments. However, others ask for a percentage before the job gets started.

If you ask these questions and get satisfactory answers, you’re definitely going to find a great sash window firm in Essex. Make sure you go through each of these questions, so you can be sure that you have definitely found the best out of the best window firms. And remember, it you start to believe that this firm is somehow scamming you or wiggling out of an agreement, do not hire them and go over to the next one from your list. There are plenty of other sash window companies out there, which are most likely better than this one.


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