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Get Help From Other Relatives Or Family Members

It shouldn’t be called a family reunion if you were going to just take on all the work. Planning a reunion can be stressful but it will be easier if you let members of the clan participate and contribute some work early on. You can delegate tasks to each of them or ask for suggestions or whatever form of help they can offer.

Settle The Date And Stick To It

Since it’s a reunion which involves the entire kin with different schedules, make sure you plan really early so you can think of an ideal date that hopefully doesn’t coincide with any occasion within the family to set it. Then let the rest of the family know the date so they could have plenty of time to prepare and work around their schedule to clear that particular date. Since you planned early, everybody should be okay and stick with it.

Be Wise When It Comes To The Location

When we say wise, we don’t just mean cheap. It should be affordable, accessible, and remarkable. Make sure that the place can accommodate a lot of people, weather flexible, with good attractions that you guys can enjoy.

Don’t Forget To Book A Photobooth While You’re At It

The purpose of family reunions is to have fun, catch up with each other, and see relatives we don’t usually see on a regular basis due to a lot of factors, to bond and create memories. Therefore, with all of that going on, don’t you wanna make sure that such precious moments will be captured? So don’t forget to include booking a photobooth with OMG on your lists of must haves because everyone will surely love it.

Have A Workable Budget

Set a budget but be reasonable with it. We’re talking about a family reunion here, so expect to spend quite a sum but don’t use that as an excuse to splurge either. Just plan accordingly, estimate the expenses and add a little extra just in case.




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Most children’s games even in playgrounds involve the use of toys. In fact, children spend most of their time playing with their toys. And just like any environment or stuff which get into contact with the children, parents will always worry about the potential risks. Parents of Children who attend Cognita Schools won’t worry about such things, as Cognita Schools have everything perfected. And here are the safety concerns regarding children games using toys.

  1. Made from toxic materials – It is an established fact that some toys contain lead which is harmful not only to kids but to any human. Though it is hard to tell whether the toy has lead in or not, it is safer to ask experts like paediatricians to know which toys can they recommend for your child and new born. There are also plastics which are hazardous to children that government health authorities warn about. Some toys also contain fire deterrent which is also harmful to kids. It is better to avoid such toys even if it is just a rumour.
  2. Pesticides – Some toys have pesticides on them. Though pesticides can be removed through washing multiple times, children will often play with their toys as soon as you bought them. It is safer to simply choose toys without any pesticides.
  3. Sharp edges – There are toys with sharp edges that can cause cuts on the children. Experts recommend that the parents should touch the toys themselves to check for sharp edges before letting their kids play with the toys.
  4. Can be swallowed – Aside from their hands, children would use their mouth to explore the toys they have. The nightmare for parents is that their kids could accidentally swallow any toy which could be fatal. It is important to choose large toys and check if there are no small parts in them in order to avoid such an incident.
  5. Having said that if your child is playing in a playground there are markings for playground games which children can use to play, the only injury to worry about in this environment is a few cuts and bruises.
  6. Can be easily damaged – Children will do anything with their toys. This includes throwing or smashing the toys. Cheap toys will often break so it is better to check the durability of the toys to avoid making the children cry.
  7. Can break down into shrapnel – This is a major concern for parents. No matter how durable the toys are, they will break at some point when children play with them. Though it is hard to tell if broken pieces will turn into shrapnel, it is better to check right away once you hear something that breaks. This way, you can prevent any injuries to your kids. Some parents would often choose balls or soft objects which rarely breaks to avoid injuring their children.

If you want to check if toys are totally safe for your children, it is better to ask experts like pediatricians. And to avoid injuries, better watch your kids as they play or engage on playground sports.



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As a newly expecting parent you are probably terrified right now. There are so many things that you need to know and it isn’t exactly like we are taught lessons on how to be a parent. You are probably feeling overwhelmed with all the things you have to do so if you need some help here are a few tips to prepare for your precious new arrival.


When it comes to your new baby’s bedroom there are a few things that you probably are already aware of, like your baby definitely needs somewhere to sleep. What you might not be aware of is that within the first few months of your baby’s arrival in your home they definitely won’t be sleeping in that expensive crib you bought. You might want to invest in a moses basket so the baby can stay with you in your

Everyday Essentials

Everyone regardless of being a parent or not knows that nappies are probably one of the most important new-parent essentials. What they do not realise is the magnitude of nappies that are actually needed. You will need to perfect the exercise with buying in bulk. Especially when it is not just nappies you will need but bottles, feeding equipment and much much

Baby Proofing

As adults we forget how unsafe a home can actually be. There are sharp corners, objects that can break and of course drawers and cupboards hiding things that you definitely do not want your baby getting hold of. Baby proofing includes getting clips that prevent your child from opening any drawers or doors, guards for corners of tables and even baby gates to stop them from escaping all around your home. You can even take it one step further and replace the mirrors in your home with the use of acrylic mirror.corbis_rf_photo_of_baby_grabbing_knob


Clothes are probably something you will be completely excited about. Buying lovely outfits for you new baby and picking each piece of clothing carefully. Truthfully though the novelty of baby clothing runs out and instead you will find yourself buying multiple pairs of the same items of clothing, after all babies are messy.916x478-EverydayEmergency


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Because Your Body Is Worn Out For The Most Part

You will feel sleep deprived and feel sore all over your body. This isn’t a simple lack of sleep when you pulled an all-nighter to finish an entire season of Desperate Housewives, when you are a new mum expect to miss sleep for months because your child is screaming for milk or a nappy change, etc. round the clock. You’ll feel sore too, whether it’s a normal delivery or via C-section. The swelling from the stiches you’d get from either takes some time to heal.

The Pressure To Be Perfect Is No Joke

The society assumes that every mother should be able to attend to her child, husband, and house while still looking like a model from a parenting magazine with ease. But the truth is that it’s impossible to do it all considering you’ve just given birth and you’re body needs to recover too. So when those kind of expectations are starting to get to you, don’t feel guilty to enjoy a little pamper party with your friends while you let your husband look after you baby during one of his day offs. Just visit

You Have Zero Idea About What You’re Doing

You were living your own happy life for years and then the baby happens. Of course you don’t know what to do and you’re still feeling your way around this new chapter of your life. That kind of necessary adjustments can really be tiring not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well.

You Feel Ugly

When women get pregnant then give birth, their body goes through 360 degrees worth of changes. You will literally feel like you don’t look like you when you see yourself in the mirror. The weight gain, especially, is the most common reason why women feel ugly during pregnancy and even after childbirth. Though we know it’ll happen, seeing it yourself can still get you down. For that, a pamper party could at least relax your body for a while and may help accept the changes that comes with having a baby.

Breastfeeding Isn’t As Easy As You Thought

A lot of people think that breastfeeding should be a second nature to mothers. But actually, it’s harder than what society imagines. Baby not latching, painful feedings or lack of milk production are just some of the struggles that new mother could face with breastfeeding which can be frustrating. Not to mention the lack of facilities for breastfeeding.


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Preparing For Pregnancy

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Choosing Where to Have Your Baby
Probably the first decision you will need to make is whether to have your baby at home or in hospital.

There may be reasons why a hospital delivery would be best for you. For example:

  • You have a medical condition that means it is safest for your baby to be born in hospital, where there is appropriate care for you and your baby.
  • You may develop a condition in your pregnancy that means hospital delivery is best for you both. These conditions include: problems with blood pressure, pre-eclampsia, and gestational diabetes.
  • Some babies do not grow as well as we expect, if your baby is small, or there is evidence of fetal distress you may be advised to deliver in hospital.
  • Both you and your partner must be totally happy about you having your baby at home (There is no way I could have had my children at home, because Gary, my husband, blanched at the mere suggestion!)
  • If you need or request a caesarean section, you obviously will deliver in hospital.

Talk to your doctor and midwife if you want further advice before making this decision. In most areas if you initially book for a hospital birth, and everything goes well in your pregnancy, and you want to change your mind and deliver at home, you can change your mind. But it can also work the other way, and you may have decided home delivery is definitely for you, but either you or your baby require the more technical expertise available in hospital.

In many areas midwives you know will be available to deliver you. However this is not always the case, staffing levels and rotas may mean this is impossible. Rest assured midwives are all well trained, and if there is a gap in their knowledge they will be well supervised by others in the unit. Student midwives follow a rigorous training schedule, and are mentored throughout their training and once they are first qualified.

If you want to deliver in a pool, or have any other specific request ask your midwife about availability in your area. Some hospitals, for instance do not offer waterbirths, but will advise you to book at a nearby unit who have a “lagoon room”.

Think about your birth plan, write it and re-write it as necessary. You may not know what you want, you may be more certain about what you DON’T want. Midwives and others looking after you like it if you have written a plan, although lots of women feel they may appear “bossy”, it tells us where you’re coming from, and what you would like, IN THE IDEAL SITUATION. Remember- be flexible!


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