Why is a DBS check important?

 In most of the UK companies a DBS check is done before an employee is hired for job. A DBS check is mainly done for people who are appointed to work in school with young children, people who work with vulnerable groups, people who work with aged people and toddlers.

They are checked for any kind of criminal records or child molestations, child abuse and other similar crimes and accordingly barred from the job. So how can you find out if you are eligible to fund a DBS or a CRB check? Employers and organizations are usually eligible to fund the DBS check on behalf of the employee. If you have a criminal record then the kind of check done is one of the most important parts of a recruitment process. Clear Check will help you to find out your eligibility

The common roles and levels of criminal record check

 Most of the people who are checked for DBS checks are


  • All employment positions
  • Government positions
  • Airport officials
  • Hospitality industry
  • People working in schools with children
  • Old age homes
  • People working with the vulnerable group


 Who pays for the Disclosure?

Some of the occupations that require the person to be checked for DBS make sure that they are not criminals and have not been convicted for anything. This has been implemented to protected vulnerable groups, old aged people. Children, toddlers and all other related people who need to work with a lot of finance or in the legal profession. Who pays the fees associated with the application? Is it the applicant or the employer? How to find out if you are eligible to fund a DBS or CRB check?


The employer pays

 In common situations, the employer pays for the employee when a DBS check form is applied. That cost of having the DBS check done depends on the kind of certificate, which is being produced. If the DBS check were a detailed check like the enhanced disclosure check, then it would cost more than the standard check. The kind of disclosure check depends on the role. . Employers are not permitted to carry our disclosure checks on employees where the job does not require it. Depending on the kind of job, the employer would also be happy to allow employees begin working at the office while their checks are being completed and the report arrives.


The worker pays for the DBS check

It sometimes happens that the company asks the employees or contractors to have their own DBS checks done with their own money. This is considered to be legal and many of the employers find out the seriousness of the employees with this common DBS check. Employees should always be informed about the amount that he or she has to pay while the BDS check is being done. A normal DBS check costs about 80 pounds and more based on the intensity of the DBS test.



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Every man loves to wear and dream about stylish as well as branded watch on his wrist. A stylish watch has the potential to change the whole look and offers awesome appearance of a man.

Here are the top five watches on the market, which every man wishes to have on his wrist.

 Patek Philippe & Co. 5078R-001

Patek Philippe & Co. 5078R-001 is a rose gold man watch available in the 2017 market. This is one of the most luxurious brand watches. The unique watch has a white face encased in rose gold and secured with a stylish brown alligator pattern band. It has special features such as a Secondary seconds counter on base of face, awesome analog mechanical functionality, a chime with two gongs, self- winding, sapphire crystal case packing and also black watch arms and numbering. If you are interested, you can visit online shopping sites to see the beautiful watch and know its market price as well.

 Vacheron Constantin Patrimony 85180

The Vacheron Constantin Patrimony 85180 is a beautiful and classic timepiece of the 2017 market. The most special thing about this watch is that it is exquisitely crafted and also comprises a clean and simplified design, which is extremely pleasing to the eye. It is an expensive watch, but it stands out for its unique and pure beauty among high profile men’s watches, similar to watch strap from Paul Twice.

The Vacheron Constantin Patrimony 85180 watches are amazing and famous for its features like Self winding analog function, sliver minute and gold hour markers, beautiful transparent back, convex Face design and also Calendar date recorded at 6 o’clock position as well as gold casing. If you want to buy, you can easily find online websites and check this gorgeous watch.

Rolex Yacht-Master II

This is one of the best known and luxury men’s brands of watches in the market of 2017. It is a popular timepiece as well as a beautiful accessory for the successful and powerful man in the world. The Rolex brand watches are so much popular around the earth that people notice your watch and you become a talking point among everyone.

The Yacht-Master II has a stainless steel casing, which incorporates with gold. This watch has analog with a blue Cerachrom insert, which is made from a ceramic material and gold hour markers that looks mind blowing. You can easily find this watch on online shopping sites or famous Rolex brand watch stores.

Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

The Omega Speedmaster is the perfect blend of classic and unique features of styling timepiece. It is a very costly watch in the 2017 market, but most magnificent and beautiful watch. The awesome features of watch are a stainless steel case, look like beautiful bracelet, and fixed tachymet bezel and also sliver hands black dial displays. If you want to see or interested to buy, visit the Internet sites to check its lovely look as well as price.

Are you ready to invest money?


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Do you have plans to extend your family by welcoming a new pet? Rescue groups and shelter homes have a huge array of animals available for adoption. Instead of buying a pet, you should adopt one. There are several reasons available. Let us have a look at them.

You can save a life

It goes without saying that the pet shelters and rescue home are overcrowded. Such shelters are meant to house the animals only for a temporary period. When you adopt a pet animal from the shelter homes, you are saving a life and giving more space for the remaining animals. An adoptive family is what the animals look out for and you can be one.

Stop animals from wandering as strays

Shelter homes are overpopulated and often the animals have to wander in the streets as strays. In order to provide an ultimate solution to the problems of pet overpopulation, adoption is the best option available. When you adopt an animal, you are welcoming him or her as your own family member and the unwanted population is also prevented.

Adoption costs less than buying

It has been found that when you are adopting a pet animal from the shelter homes or rescue homes, it actually costs you less than buying one. In fact, there is also a possibility that you will get a pet free of cost. You just have to include the cost of the vaccination, sterilization and health care, and you get hold of a wonderful pet animal. Don’t you want to save some money by adopting one from shelter homes instead of buying from the pet store? Think about it for once.

Adoption provides a second chance to the animals

If you explore the rescue and shelter homes, you will find that the dogs and cats and other pets are well behaved and adorable by nature. They have been abandoned not because of their behaviour, but because their masters relocated to a new place, the arrival of a baby, divorce or simply when they failed to take the responsibility of another member. Adoption provides a second chance to such animals to get the love, care and affection from another new family.

You can adopt pets of any age

There is no doubt that the puppies and the kittens look very cute and adorable. But handling and dealing with them can be seriously tricky. Adoption can save you from it. You have the option to adopt pet animals like dogs and cats of any age that you prefer. You might want a dog that is already house trained and well behaved. Adoption can make things easier for you as a pet owner, especially if you are doing it for the first time in your life.

In case, you are interested in taking up vet jobs, you can also look into equine jobs from Vet Times. There is a wide array of information available. All you need to do is click your enquiry on the search section, and you will get the details about the same.



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How to store Co2 cylinders?

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Carbon dioxide is stored in cylinders in the form of compressed liquefied gas, which can be highly flammable if it is suddenly let out and increase in temperature it can also give rise to increase in pressure. Cylinders are thus fitted with bursting discs to protect them from over pressure.

Storing of CO2 gas

CO2 cylinders should be stored really safely in a controlled temperature so that it does not cause any kind of harm. There are some steps that should be diligently followed in order to store a CO2 cylinder. This article would help you to know the same. CO2 Gas Cylinders are large, heavy and unstable due to the weight and the pressure inside them. They are stored in several ways .For sake of safety and discipline CO2 gas cylinders should always be stored in a definite assigned location, which is approved, by the registered authority and empty and filled cylinders to avoid all kind of handling issues. Though liquefied CO2 does not support combustion, it is stored under very high temperature and requires precautions

Take following precautions- do not

Following precautions need to be taken while storing CO2 cylinders. It is important to adhere to these precautions, which are necessary for your safety.

  • Never allow the temperature to exceed beyond 125 degree Fahrenheit or 52 degree centigrade because of rise in internal pressure with increasing temperature
  • Also never expose cylinders to any kind of corrosive materials like ice melting compounds
  • Never smoke in front of a CO2 cylinder or allow flammable gas storage areas when you plan to store the cylinder, as you should always expect the unexpected.
  • Never store a CO2 cylinder in sunlight or near heating radiators or any other source of heat or flame.
  • Never drop the cylinder or it may get damaged or even burst at times. The cylinders also should never be used as rollers for moving other equipments.
  • Never handle the cylinder with a lifting magnet that has electromagnet in it.

Do follow these rules

  • Always try and store CO2 cylinders in accordance with the ISO standard or the CGA Pamphlet.
  • Always ensure to store the cylinders upright with the valve outlet seals and the valve protection caps in place.
  • Whenever cylinders are not in use, secure them properly
  • You should always store cylinders in areas that have been designated for them
  • Choose a dry and well ventilated area that is well protected from combustible materials and adverse weather conditions
  • Always keep separated from combustible materials
  • Use a state of the art inventory system to prevent full containers from being stored for a long period of time
  • Access to cylinders should only be given to authorized staff
  • Inert gas cylinders such as oxygen and carbon dioxide should be stored separately and 3 meters distance from pyrophoric and flammables.

Always understand the properties of CO2

It is important that you understand the properties of CO2 before you handle the same. Know the pros, cons and effects of handling the same and ensure a safe and protected storage for safety. Verify the weight and the contents inside before storing the cylinder in a safe place.

Following the above rules would help you handle and store a CO2 cylinder properly with care.



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Why don’t you ditch the traditional Christmas gifts and welcome home, some cool out of the box best Christmas stocking gifts on this holy eve? The best part of stocking gifts is they are extremely pocketed friendly for all of us, and they are extremely vital in our day-to-day usage. So if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas stocking fillers for your loved ones, then you will get a lot of useful ideas from this article. Hence check out some cool suggestions for the best Christmas stockings gifts for her and also for him:

For the Fashion-Savvy girl

If you girl is too fashion-savvy or just love dressing up for every occasion and love to follow the latest trends, then you can add in filler fashionable goodies of her liking such as a small yet well-designed purse, a stylish necklace or a beautiful scarf. You can add a fashion magazine with some gift certificates to her favorite stores. And if you want to add a personal touch then gift her one customized charm bracelet.

For the Health Nut

If she is extremely health conscious and also quite fond of healthy eating, then fill the stockings with some products like organic facial masks, some healthy scented oils, a natural cream, box of fat-free chocolates or a healthy meals cookbook. In case she is fitness freak then add iPod clip and earphones with one cute water bottle.

For Men Who Work round the clock

Do you want your man to remember you even when he is busy? Then get the Christmas stockings ready with a nice pen with his initials encrypted, a professional leather planner, a well-decorated business card holder, pair of beautiful cufflinks, and handkerchiefs in his favorite color and an, of course, a solid leather belt.

For Men Who Are On the Go

If your boy is always on the motion and always traveling, then gift him something, which is useful during his travels. This may include a wind-up flashlight of the renowned company, mini tools set for his car, CDs of his choice which he can listen to while driving, a good passport holder, laptop skin protector and a Swiss knife. Or even a nice album folder to make sure that he remembers you all the time while being on tours.

For Good Grooming

Grooming is everything about staying healthy and fit, always feeling great and most of all looking good and handsome. Give your man a fresh set of necessary and useful grooming tools set which he can use every day. This grooming kit includes one pair of soothing shaving and after-shave creams, facial wash kit, musky body wash, men moisturizer, lip balm for men and also a nose and ear hair trimmer. If you would like to make sure that you add a personal touch there, then add one mini bottle of his favorite perfumed cologne.

General stocking gifts

There is some general stuff, which a man can appreciate like framed family photos, gift cards of any good restaurant or store, anki overdrive, a pair of game tickets, magazine subscriptions card, boxers and much more.



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A clock is one of the most innovative human inventions that helps us to keep track of the time and date. There are various kinds of clocks that include wrist watches, grandfather clocks, wall clocks, table clocks and many more. You can even find clocks that are designed for people suffering from Dementia.

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 15.01.40

Desk Clocks

You can buy clocks that sit conveniently on your desk for easy time checking. They are lightweight and can be moved from one place to another. These kinds of clocks are not very large and measure about a size of a photo frame. Desktop clocks are available in several styles, sizes and mechanical features. They are available in a wide range of prices, depending on how high-range you would like your desk clock to be.

Alarm Clocks

 Nowadays you can get clock with a built-in alarm that can be set by the user. Which many students from Cognita Schools are using to rise very early in the morning. There are various kinds of alarm clocks, among which are analog and digital. One of the most common and popular alarm clock models include an alarm as well as a radio.

Wall clocks

Wall clocks are convenient for schools and rooms in which many people will be in. They are available in different kinds of designs, shapes, sizes, colors and frames. Choose from a wide range of materials like metal, glass, wood, plastic and other materials of wall clocks.

Analog Clocks

Analog clocks are rounded clocks that help to display a 12 hour interface. They comprise of three hands – the hours, minutes and seconds that are constantly on the move. Analog clocks are also available on a 24 hour interface as set. These clocks are widely used by those in the army as they are easy to read at a quick glance.

Digital clocks

Digital clocks are battery operated clocks and are convenient. They are used by the modern generation and have a display screen with LCD numbers that help to display the time. Digital clocks can also be used by school children to tell the time. They are much more advanced than analog clocks.

Auditory clocks

Auditory clocks are specially designed for people who are impaired in hearing and sight. These clocks send auditory signals to the person telling the time. They are extremely useful for those with sight and/or hearing impairments.

Dementia clocks

Now what are Dementia clocks? Dementia clocks are clocks for people suffering from Dementia. Dementia clocks are one of the greatest gifts that display the period of the day and thus reduce the confusion about the time. There are a wide Range of Dementia clocks in various shapes, sizes and designs.

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 14.58.43

Grandfather clocks

Grandfather clocks are long cased clocks that were previously found in houses. They happen to be one of the most ancient models of clocks.  A grandfather clock is tall, and its pendulum is fitted inside a lovely long narrow casing.

Cuckoo clocks

Cuckoo clocks are antique clocks that are available in different variants and models. They are classified into musical clocks and non musical clocks. The Bavarian cuckoo clocks are antique and thought of as high-value.

Matthew Norman Carriage Clocks

These clocks are regarded to be one of the finest carriage clocks that are known. They are great mechanical clocks. Made with high quality materials, these clocks are definitely worth buying as their value will only increase with time.


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Owning your own home for the first time can be a real dream comes true and at the same time it is exciting and irresistible as well. Every person would like to decorate their first home in the best possible way- the way they have always desired and dreamt of decorating your first home can be really exciting, however at times it may also be a little stressful as you might not be able to fulfil your expectations.

It is important to know that all things do not come prepared. You have to work towards attaining the same. Some people love shabby chic furniture as one of their favorite accessories in their living room while some people love portraits and natural waterfall and fountains. Here are lists of tips that can help you in decorating your first home.

5# Prioritize, evaluation, organize

Always move in with a satisfied mind-set. Be happy with what you have and how you can decorate your home. Try and prioritize a few things that you would like to decorate your home with like shabby chic and vintage furniture for your living room and your bedroom. You can also keep behind your grandfather’s clock, the old radio or the old souvenirs. Also, bid goodbye to things that you do not require anymore. Do not keep junk stuff inside your house, as this would make your house all the more crowded and cluttered.

4# Try and discard old things

If you have some old things from your previous home that you would not require then you can discard these things and try out new stuff. Clean your cupboard and dump your old apparels. You can even discard your own utensils that have become brittle and dull. Streamline your utensils with the help of while glass plates and discard your mismatched utensils. If your cupboard is full of posters and stickers, it is time to give your cupboard a new look. This will help you to have a great looking home.

3# Look into small intricate details

Did you know that the smallest details could have a big impact on your home decorations? Focus on small details like the light fittings, the handles of the cabinet and kitchen, the utensils, and the kitchen worktops. We reccomend quartz worktop Surrey by Topsco. These can make a great impact to your home. Light up your room with small colorful lights and a bright colored wall and your home would be transferred to something inspiring. Do not try and throw everything all at once. Instead, try and replace them with something else.


2# Try and adorn your rooms

You can give a new look to your home with the help of new furnishings, unique colored paints, and funny additions like pillows and cushions on the sofa or even well decorated on the floor. Try out decorations that can easily be changed or replaced when they look old. You can also draw the focus of guests with a beautiful carpet on the floor, with freshly washed and smelling curtains, and good looking wall art that might adorn your walls. Did you know that Corral décor items could create a style statement in your home?

1# Always keep within the budget

It is a wrong notion that only expensive things look good in your room. Did you know that you can decorate your room with some of the most affordable and minimalistic accessories that can actually change the way your home looks? Try out small things and slowly increase your budget when you feel that you are ready to spend more.

And once you’ve completed all those steps, call Cleaners of London to make your newly decorated room spotless. They will make sure any spots where mess is made looks as good as new!

Moving Home


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There are various different styles for women today. From dress trends to popular Clearspring products, the trends are endless. The popular and latest trends are perfect for every woman. It is essential to be aware of these trends. The dresses, crop tops and high waist jeans are some of the latest trends.


The grooming and styling for women is a very elaborate concept and there are so many different aspects of it. The styles and trends are ever evolving and hence it is important to keep yourself updated about what the new trends are. The popular styles and trends these days are blend of the new and the classic. Here we are going to give you an overview of the top styles you should look forward to as a woman in this century.


The color palette

Every year there is a pantone color of the year which becomes the trend. However when it comes to color choose the color which you are comfortable wearing. There is variety of color combinations. Depending on your skin tone and body features, it has to be determined what the right color palette is for you. If you are confident enough however you can always carry the latest color trends with ease. Pastels, and dark hues have always been the trend and it is a classic choice that you can make.



Various types of gowns and dresses are in trend. The line dress is a classic and another very trending option is the high-low dress or dresses with asymmetrical hemline. The Silky Smooth salon have stylists and experts working for them who can advice you regarding the right kind of dress which you can opt for depending on your body structure. It is always better to choose a pattern, design and style which are suitable for your body type. The patterns and embroidery too affects the way in which a dress sits on your body and hence the choice must be made judiciously.

High waist jeans

This is a trend that is still going strong. The high waist jeans are sleek and emphasize your curves. It is suitable for every body type and the perfect accompaniment for a cropped or semi-cropped top. This trend is a very popular one among women of every age and the different belt loop designs and the variation at the waistline together make this trend a winner.

Cropped tops

Flaunt your abs with the right crop tops. There are different types of crop tops in variety of pattern and you can rest assured that you would look really beautiful in this trend. The crop top however is suitable more for leaner body structure.



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Wine improves with age. There are different types of wines. Some wines however do not need to be aged. You can age and store wine at your home easily.


We all enjoy our share of good wine occasionally. But have you wondered how it is stored and what imparts the excellent taste? There is so much to learn about the quality of wine and there are different ways in which you can store and maintain your own stock of good wine. Here we are going to guide you regarding the storage and ageing of wine. There are several factors like temperature, ambience and the procedure altogether which affects the storing and ageing of wine and we are going to provide some basic and compact guidelines which you can follow.


Keep it in dark

The key to get quality aged wine is to leave it undisturbed in a dark place which has reasonably constant temperature throughout the day. The light and the heat that often coincides with it together can alter the composition of wine which contains alcohol and hence change the taste during the ageing process of the wine.  This can also lead to discoloration and even change the natural smell of the wine. The need for dark places to age wine is another reason why it is stored in dark colored bottles. You would find that red wines are stored in dark green bottles while white wine in light colored bottles.


Store in a cool place

It is important to store the wine is a cold temperature. It should not be freezing but it should be cold enough. We at twelve by seventy five have just the answer you need regarding this. The wine should not be stored near heat under any circumstances to avoid changing the composition of the wine. The best place to store your wine in the domestic realms is in the basement or the closet. Storing in the kitchen is not a good idea since the temperature varies there.


Is it meant to be aged?

Every wine need not be aged before it is suited for consumption. Hence it is important to know which wines can be aged and which are not essential to be aged. Wines like pinot noir, syrah, zinfandel etc. are some of the wines which improve with age.


Other miscellaneous factors

The wine should be kept in a relatively high humidity. Ensure the place where it is stored is dark and there is no chance of light or heat entering. Also you must not disturb the storage in any way. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 19.54.26


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 Summer is the time when the temperature is rising, the Cognita school term is over, the days are long and sweltering under the hot summer heat. This is the time when you can use your garden for relaxing in the summer season. How can you freshen up your garden? Read on

Preparing your lawn

Your lawn is the most vital part of your garden. Especially that Cognita schools are out for summer. The children will be in the garden for many days. This can be kept neatly cut and clean with the help of lawn mowers. Try and pluck all the dead weeds from your lawn so that your lawn looks clean and green. Chemical moss and weed killers can help solve your problem and then you can give your grass plant food to keep them healthy and smiling. If you feel that lawn needs to be replaced, then you can plant fresh green turf that is easily maintainable as well.

Planting and watering

Summer is that time when plants grow uncontrollably and thus it is easy for your garden to become all messed up and untidy. Try planting herbs like rosemary, eucalyptus, and thyme that can last for long periods of time without being watered. They are also handy for use in the kitchen.

Create an entertainment area in your garden

If you have a pretty big space in your garden, then try and create an entertainment space that will help you to relax in the hot summer afternoons and evenings. Try erecting a contoured patio with a modern contemporary design that will help your garden to look modern. You can also create a barbecue with various non vegetarian dishes like chicken and fish that you can relax in.

Make space for natural beauty

Make space for bees, butterflies, and birds in your garden. You can plant various flowers with nectar growing flowers. You can also build a wildlife pond that can attract birds and small animals in your garden for a great time. If you want to spend the night in the garden, you can light up your garden with small LED bulbs that will look great at night. You can get more ideas from the Benton Tree Surgeons in Surrey



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